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Fear Not
It is Written

Unleash the Supreme Power of God's Word

Starfish Games is a pioneering company in the realm of Christian board games, dedicated to creating engaging and spiritually enriching experiences for Christian congregations and families. Based in the UK with an international outreach, our mission is to help Christians understand and embrace the authority they have in Christ through innovative board games inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Our mission includes Christian-themed board games and educational resources that serve as both entertaining and faith-strengthening tools. Each game is designed to teach valuable Christian principles, encouraging players to deepen their faith and live confidently in their spiritual authority.


Founded by a respected businessman and church teacher, Starfish Games was born out of a vision to develop a ministry through board games. Our unique selling proposition lies in our commitment to creating games that are not only fun but also spiritually impactful. We aim to provide a unique blend of entertainment and education that resonates with Christian congregations and helps individuals grow in their faith. 


At Starfish Games, we believe in the transformative power of play. Our games are more than just pastimes; they are avenues for ministry and spiritual growth. Whether you are a church group, a school, a family looking for faith-based entertainment, or a Christian seeking deeper understanding, our games are designed to inspire and educate.

For more information about our products and ministry, visit our website at Join us on our mission to spread the message of faith and empowerment through the joy of gaming!

Mark Fernandes - Founder of Starfish Games

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