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Take your journey of faith to the next level with the It is Written board game! The full game comes complete with scripture and temptation decks that bring the teachings of Jesus to life.


Through engaging gameplay, this game teaches players to overcome temptations just as Jesus did, using real-life scenarios that challenge and inspire. With every turn, players will find themselves better equipped to resist sin and the accusations of the enemy, training for a more blessed and righteous life.


Join us in this immersive experience that combines the fun of gaming with the rich wisdom of scripture!

It is Written - FULL GAME

  • Please contact us for quantity discounts stating the quantity and delivery location:

  • 1 x Game Board

    1 x Scripture Deck

    1 x Temptation Deck

    1 x Devils Attack Deck

    1 x God's Grace Deck

    1 x Ministry Deck

    1 x Dice

    50 x Points Tokens and Velvet Bag

    5 x Score Keeping Chart (free pdf download included)

    1 x Game Instructions

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